Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eres: Greek Goddess of Strife

The Final project for my course; Digital Media: Photography and Imaging.
Composing an image that depict the story of a Greek Goddess. I chose to tell the story of Eres, Goddess of discord and strife, who is said to have caused the Trojan war. When Eres gets denied entry to a wedding among Gods, she becomes enraged and throws her golden apple of discord. The words "To the Fairest written on them" are written on the apple and causes the Goddess to fight over it, which leads to the trojan war.
I did a Photo shoot where I hired my friend to model for and I dressed her up and photographed her in different poses so that I could use one of them in the scene I was building. After that I collected images to building the basic background, I worked a little Photoshop magic to make the scene come to life and extend the emotions produced by the Goddess.
Result: Exceeding my expectations and an A+

Colorizing Black and White Images

Remedying Old Worn out Images

Owl With Some Texture

Collage Portrait - Phase 2

Collage Portrait - Phase 1